Not Afraid of a “New Normal”

At least not yet…

I’m not agoraphobia. I couldn’t be during the many years of being our small family’s major bread winner, trying to get my degree in the evening and then being a single mom.

I just seem to enjoy the company of specific people.

I’m also not afraid of crowds — one of my favorite places to visit is New York City. And I’ve attended many Romance Writers of America conventions of 2K people.

You don’t know what a crowd is until you’ve been in NYC on 9/15/01 or Shea Stadium for a Beatles concert.

However, I seem to be enjoying this “new Normal.”

Maybe I’m just lazy.

My husband is 79 and I’m 73 and we both have health issues that, along with our ages, put us high in the Covid Category of Compromised.

Because of that, in March, my daughter took control of us and the household. She was already doing the grocery shopping because meal planning, cooking, and baking had become her way of relaxing after her classes, teaching and taking. She first bought groceries online with curbside pick-up but now feels more confident in how our local store is combating the virus and gets the groceries there.

Anything else we may need is Amazonned.

In the middle of March my husband had a stroke and for the time he was hospitalized and in rehab, I couldn’t visit him — but called him twice a day,

We’re getting take-out from our two favorite eating places to help keep them in business.

We’re having Zoom meetings with family and planning on a Zoom Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thankfully, for my ongoing sanity, my two writing groups are also having Zoom meetings. So I can still have contact with like-minded friends.

Heather decided she would take her stepfather to his medical appointments — hers and mine were E/telephone-appointments.

So I guess I’m a Lady of Leisure…. I’m reading, writing, and watching General Hospital, just not eating bon-bons but I am drinking some wine.

After 44 years in nursing — 25+ in general duty, I deserve this time.

My only issue is an ongoing fear of losing my Social Security.

So, I guess it’s a good idea that I’ve imagined my life as a hermit, in various ways — even wrote a short story about a librarian forced to retire who finds a way to live in the library — a dream for me.

I had another short story idea about a man who finds a cave inside a hill on a wide highway median and decides to live there.

And I can also imagine myself in a cabin in the woods.

So maybe I do have hermit tendencies — I even have a solar charger for my phone and Kindle.

A bit of serendipity: While taking a break from thinking about and writing this piece, I checked my inbox and found this article on a Boredom Therapy email:

I think I’ll be able to survive the “New Normal.”

A 70+ year old retired RN who’s following her 60 year old dream of being a writer, one interested in everything unusual.

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