In Love with Detective Lynley?

4 min readApr 27, 2020

How did this happen?

I’m a reader — always have been always will be. In fact I’ve already read 22 books this year.

I’m not a big fan of the “normal” TV shows. Except for my guilty pleasure, General Hospital, that I started watching when Jessie Brewer was the Head Nurse and I was in high school.

But as a die-hard anglophile, I’ve read British mysteries for years and finally decided that since they don’t all get to PBS, I should get BritBox.

I binged through many episodes of Vera, the show from Anne Cleeves’ great Vera Stanhope mysteries. I love the idea of an older, chubby woman as the lead in a show — and in her life.

And then I sailed through another Cleeves series that I’d also read, Shetland. I noted quickly that Daniel Hershell, the lead, looked familiar —a resemblance to a former boyfriend.

And scrolling through the list of mysteries available, I came to the ones from Elizabeth George’s series about the professional and private troubles of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, the Eight Earl of Whatever.

And I was hooked. Line and sinker, hooked.

I’d read many of the books and knew where his Lordship’s private life was going (way past the series’ last episode or the last one on BritBox). In fact, one of the Lynley books sits on my TBR pile at this moment.

But I decided to binge them in order. I wanted to watch Tommy move from his best friend marrying the woman he loved to his real true love, the marvelous Helen. I wanted to see how he and Detective Sargent Havers learned to like and respect each other and then work together. I’d read it all but now I needed to SEE it all.

But mostly I want to see Nathaniel Parker, Lynley.

What is it with old ladies and younger men? What is it with this old lady and this man? I started binging the series — staying up later than normal to watch and…




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