I Love/Hate Facebook…

2 min readSep 4, 2023

But I’m still on it.

I’m on Facebook — not “X”/Twitter, Tik Tok, or Instagram — just good ole Facebook.

I signed on more than ten years ago when I thought it would be a good platform for marketing my writing. Well, not so much. But one must write what readers want in order to market it.

My life changed greatly in those ten years, and I had less time to write (and that’s a totally different post). Because I remarried and moved fifty miles away from my family and friends. As I aged and my physical condition changed, I was unable to drive back to my hometown.

I love Facebook because it helps me keep up with everyone I was missing. I see my sister’s grandsons as they grow. I can se what my former coworkers re doing. FB has also given me more friends, including fellow writers, some well-known. And I now have FB friends from all over the country and the world.

I hate Facebook because it makes me feel as f I have no life or that my life is worthless. In the last five years, my physical abilities have declined and I’m unable to do many of the things I once did. However, Facebook shows me what I’m missing in my life with pictures and posts of others and their wonderful lives, beautiful gardens, great travels, and family get-togethers. I look at the pictures and my feelings of self-worth drop even further.

Unfortunately, there are also pictures of members’ pets — -lots of dogs. These pictures hurt my heart since we lost our (really my) dog. I don’t fast scroll through those pictures but hope for the best for those doggos that need a family and a long life for those who have a family. I want to rescue another older dog, but I don’t think my physical abilities plus the possibility of needing a different living arrangement (ie: personal care) make it a good idea.

So, will I leave FB because it sometimes makes me sad? Not now — not yet. I’m 76 years old and more than ever I need those contacts, even if it’s through a media that can be difficult to navigate — and one with issues like getting comments from men I don’t know (or want to know) — men who start their comment with something like, “Hello Beautiful…” Such BS — sometimes I think FB is mostly BS — the wonderful posts may be from people who want to “rewrite” their lives to be better than the reality.

That’s not me. I try to “tell it like it is/was.” Yes, I complain… about politics, aging, men, Barbie-girls.

I call myself The Cranky Crone.

And the crankiness of a 76 year old woman comes through.




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