If a Fat Woman Loses Weight and No One Notices, Is She Still Fat?

2 min readAug 17, 2023
Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Shannon Ashely has an indepth and personal story about how she feels about the news about Lizzo. The following is part of my response to that story:

I admit that not long ago I declared Lizzo was one of my heroes. I’ve been a fat woman for most of my life. Lately chronic pain and chronic depression has ruined my appetite, so my weight is down. But I still “identify” as fat — 70 years of being told I’m fat will take longer to dissolve than it did to dissolve my 220 pounds down to 160.

When looking for heroes, we must first look in the mirror.

I know “my” pounds and Shannon’s are very different. She has a severe disease that is mostly unrecognized in the medical profession and therefore not treated. My weight came from using food, especially pasta, for comfort after realizing I “wasn’t good enough” not to be tortured with taunts about how I looked.

And then I started to see large women who are talented and who became famous and popular. Two of my favorites are:

Brenda Bethyn who plays “Vera” — the British DCI on the show of the same name:




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