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Right now, I’m at the computer with my foot propped up on a box under the desk. I’ve just had outpatient foot surgery and I’m not supposed to walk very much or put weight on it.

My husband does very little around the house. I am very lucky to have someone to do the cleaning and someone to do the mowing of most of the three acres — let’s say instead that we’re lucky we have the resources to pay for that type of help.

And we’re very lucky to have my daughter living with us.

My husband no longer…

Break those thoughts by listing your successes….

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How does someone who’s always felt just “not good enough” succeed?

Great question — even if the one asking it considers themselves “perfect” and trying to get one up on some: less: than they are. (BTW: No one’s “perfect”)

First, Why did I think I was never good enough?

1) I was the fat kid in my elementary school that was always bullied and heard “Fatty-fatty 2 by 4 “ all the way through those years. Later in school I was the kid who worked for the class projects but never had a…

A partly true story

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Start when she’s younger with parenting that leads to no self-esteem and encourage her to go into a profession she really didn’t want but the education was inexpensive — make that profession grueling mentally and physically and have her work at it for more than forty years.

When she develops back problems with severe pain, call her a malingerer and do nothing for as long as you can. Have her supervisor give her warnings because of the time she took off with the back issues. …

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I speak from personal experience — unfortunately.

Unfortunately (again) I fell in love with a handsome, intelligent, charming older man who eventually asked me to marry him.

I discussed this with my psychologist at the time and she advised me against it, speaking from her mother’s experience on marrying a widower.

Her mother moved away from her family — to Florida where he wanted to live When he became ill, his children did nothing to help her — not even a visit. She took complete care of him after each illness. Afterwards they hardly called. Why should they? …

And us ladies can learn from them…

While I was going through my emails and listening to the Beatles, I had no idea that there was love in the morning — all on our deck.

I took my usual glance out the window and saw a female cardinal sitting on the top of one of our deck chairs. And she was so vocal, calling as she turned all around to catch all the trees and bushes. I stopped reading emails so I could watch her.

And suddenly I was a voyeur as very large male cardinal settled on the top…

My first visit to a town of love and legend

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Beltane in Glastonbury- a Mixture of Pagan and Christian History

Years ago one of my dreams was to be in Glastonbury, Somerset, England on Beltane, May 1.

Beltane is an ancient Celtic festival celebrated on the evening of April 30 to May 1, welcoming Spring and Summer, a renewal of the earth’s riches. Bonfires are lit on hills and cattle are led to their summer pastures between the bonfires as fertility blessings. …

It comes out in many ways…

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I’m trying to get to sleep. But sleep ignores me. I bang my hand repeatedly on the bed’s half side rail (I’d fallen out once). I’m mad — about my life — about my inability to do anything — about the pain I carry with me constantly — about the false statements of love from my husband — about my daughter’s inactivity to what I need done in the house (all the things I once did and can no longer do).

My legs twitch nervously, my feet cramp and I see one big toe…

It’s really quite easy. I’ll walk you through it.

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First you must start when she’s a little girl.

Let’s say she’s afraid to go to school and, for reasons that will be clear soon, afraid to say why — she’s afraid of the bullies that taunt her and make her cry. Then her father uses a switch on her bare legs (it’s the 1950s and girls must wear skirts to school) as he walks her up Main Street to the school. …

Similar to how I felt when I was invited to speak in the Rose Garden at the beginning of the Clinton administration.

…at least it was for me.

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I was an RN from 1968 to 2010. I worked in a hospital on acute care units and then Rehab. I also worked in home care and in long term care, retiring with the dubious honor of being the VP of nursing for a company that managed nursing homes. You would think that a “desk” job would be easy but it was even more difficult for I was always found to be butting heads with TPTB.

For most of the years I worked, I had low back pain — bad low back pain. And…


A 70+ year old retired RN who’s following her 60 year old dream of being a writer, one interested in everything unusual.

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